Ramie silkworm rearing techniques

Ramie silkworm cocoon and mulberry cocoon, tussah cocoon cocoon are the world's three major raw material resources produced by the silk industry. The castor silk cocoon silk has the unique advantages of good elasticity, strong hygroscopicity, good dyeing, and good spinnability. Ramie cocoon sil---

Coptis planting technology

First, the growth environment of Coptis is a high altitude shade plant, suitable for cool, rainy areas in the mountains. (1) Temperature, hi cold and cool climate, can grow between 8-32°C, suitable temperature is 15-22°C, slower than 6°C or higher than 32°C. Winter can be achieved at t---

The correct use of the crusher

1. The crusher and power unit should be installed firmly. If the crusher is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if the crusher is a mobile work, the unit should be installed on a stand made of angle iron, and ensure that the power machine (diesel or motor) and the pu---

Shatian Pomelo Spring Management Three Key Points

According to the climatic conditions in winter last year and the growth characteristics of Shatian pomelo, Shatian pomelo spring management focused on three aspects: strong shoots, strong flowers, and fruit protection. The main work was on prevention and control of water, fertilizer and pests. The ---