Breeding technique of puffer fish

Breed name: Puffer fish, commonly known as: River dolphins, Tamba fish Scientific name: Fugn rubripes T & S (Finish Oriental dolphins) Fuugupssedommus Chu (false vocal Oriental dolphins) Fugu obscurus Abe (obscure eastern dolphins) (a) broodstock, eggs and transport From May to June each year, ---

Onion Series New Varieties Introduction

The new varieties of high-pile onion series are a series of new varieties cultivated in the roots and stems vegetable breeding project of the vegetable research center of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, and have been widely promoted in the middle and long-day sunshine areas in---

Cauliflower Bone Fry Breeding

Hemibarbus maculates is a subfamily of the family Acipenseridae. It is mainly distributed in rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the Yangtze River basin. The largest individual is 2 kg and is a medium-sized and small fish with high economic value. Fish and fish bones are beautiful in shape, eating habi---

This kind of dish is the most profitable

The selection of good new varieties: New varieties of vegetables are often welcomed by consumers because of their high quality, high yield, disease resistance, and strong adaptability. According to market demand, planting new varieties of vegetables in good time, most of them can obtain good econom---

Edible fungus labor-saving method

The temperature difference stimulation method will increase the temperature of the bacteria bed using the film during the daytime and will remove the film temperature in the morning and evening. The relative humidity in the early stage of mycelium growth will be controlled below 70%, and it will re---